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Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) is Oregon's Protection & Advocacy (P&A) System.  

We help people who have a disability-related legal issue in Oregon.




Click here to see a list of our handbooks and guides. The topics include Social Security, guardianship, developmental disability services, employment, special education, mental health law, and housing.


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Have you had problems with online colleges?

Is your child receiving shortened school days?

DRO would like to hear from you if your child has shortened school days due to behavioral issues, or if you or someone you know with a disability has had problems with online colleges.

Register to vote!

You can register online (if you have Oregon State ID or Social Security number) or with a paper form (with another form of ID such as pay stub or utility bill).
If you never registered before, you must register by April 29 for the May 20 Primary Election. 


 Disability Rights Connection

The latest news from Disability Rights Oregon. Also be sure to click here to check our Calendar of Events!

Calling all voters! National Hearing on Voting Rights in Seattle
The National Commission on Voting Rights needs to hear from YOU about your experiences voting. Please attend this Seattle hearing on Monday, April 28 if you are a voter in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Montana- and speak up!
Social Security Administration agrees to comply with court order
As a result of a DRO lawsuit, a judge ruled that Social Security must transfer vulnerable Safety Net clients to a new payee so that they receive their April benefits. Includes SSA statement on how clients can get help.
Employment Town Hall - Beaverton and Portland
We are speaking at Town Halls about changes to employment for individuals with I/DD. April 22 in Beaverton, April 23 in Portland.


The DRO Blog

Editorials about the work Disability Rights Oregon is doing, and state, local and national disability issues. Written by Disability Rights Oregon Executive Director Bob Joondeph. The most recent 3 blog posts are below.

Values of ADA Under Attack
Forces promoting segregation and institutionalization of people with disabilities are gaining momentum. Rights that were won in the ADA must be defended or they may be lost.
Two Year Anniversary of Lane v. Kitzhaber
Filed on January 25, 2012, the case asserts the right of 2700 Oregonians with I/DD who are segregated in sheltered workshops to choose employment services in the most appropriate integrated setting.
Advocates and Peers in MH System Under Attack in Washington
People with mental illness are the latest target for a Congressman who wants to defund advocacy services and peer services and replace them with forced treatment. For almost 30 years, DRO has fought for better hospital care and more community services. Let your member of Congress know why the voice of service recipients should not be silenced.


Disability News Now

Local and national news relevant to Oregon clients, consumers and advocates, including public services, community events and legal issues.

Want to learn more about changes to I/DD support services?
All Born In Conference - register now!
Register by April 3 for the All Born In Conference (April 5), sponsored by the Northwest Down Syndrome Association. Parents, teachers, and professionals welcome. DRO staff, including advocate Susana Ramírez and attorney Chris Shank, will be presenting on education and inclusion.
Fact sheets about new health care options for people with disabilities
The National Disability Navigator is releasing fact sheets about how new health care laws affect people with disabilities. Topics include assistive technology, durable medical equipment, mental health services, medical supplies, prescriptions, customer service, and the rights of people with disabilities.

Disability Rights Oregon is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Contributions are tax-deductible and will help us provide services to Oregonians with disabilities.

Disability Rights Oregon is the Protection & Advocacy System for Oregon. 

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